8 Secrets of Success

8 Secrets of Success

Watch and learn from Richard St. John, a self-described average guy who found success doing what he loved, sharing 8 secrets of success.

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Love what you do. Do it for love and the money will come.

“The bottom line is I love the actual job of acting.  I have a great passion for it.”  Russell Crowe, Oscar Winning Actor

“Paul and I…  we never thought we would make much money…  We just loved writing software.”  Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman


Work really hard.  Successful people have fun working.

“I’m a real hard worker.  I work and work and work all the time.”  Martha Stewart, Homemaking Guru

“It’s all hard work.  Nothing comes easily.  But I have a lot of fun.”  Rupert Murdoch, Billionaire Media Tycoon


Focus on one thing not everything

“I think it all has to do with focusing yourself to one thing and one thing only.”  Norman Jewison, Oscar Winning Filmmaker


Keep pushing yourself.  Push through shyness, self-doubt.  Push yourself to success with challenges, goals, deadlines, self-discipline and competition.

“Whatever you’re doing in life just push yourself to the limits.”  Richard Branson,Virgin Records/Airlines Founder

“My mother pushed me… So find somebody to push you.”  Frank Gehry, Famous Architect


Come up with good ideas.  One good idea take many people from the bottom to the top.  Idea is about creativity: be curious, connect things, write it down, look around, listen to people.

“I had an idea – founding the first microcomputer software company.”  Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman

“Deals are my art form.”  Donald Trump, Real Estate Developer


Keep improving yourself in what you do.  Practice, Practice, Practice.

“The bottom line is I love the actual job of acting.  I have a great passion for it.”  Russell Crowe, Oscar Winning Actor

“The difference is that my team practices 12 months of the year, not 3 or 4.”  Lance Armstrong, 7 time Tour de France Winner


Serve others something of value. Serving others is how people get rich.

“I came to people with trusted information, useful information, valuable ideas, and products.”  Martha Stewart, Homemaking Guru


Persist through time because there is no overnight success.  Persist through CRAP: Criticism, Rejection, Adversity, Prejudice.  Persist through failure because all successful people fail.

“It takes a long time to do these things and a lot of success is just due to the amount of time you put into it.”  Larry Page, Google Co-Founder

“You really have to persist because it won’t be easy and there will be failure. You need to pick yourself up, stay on course, and continue down that path.” Robert Ward, Universal Studios Senior VP

8 Secrets of Success


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