Apple Swan

Apple Swan

Watch video to learn how to do this Apple Swan food art.

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1.  Slice an apple in half at diagonal angle and save the seeds

2. Place half of the apple between two knife handles and cut in from the side and top down, creating an apple wedge.  Cut the other side the same way

3.  Repeat the wedge cutting 3 time each to the 2 apple wedges from step 2

4.  Stagger the pieces into 2 layer wings

5.  Place the wings back to the apple body.  Cut a deep groove at the front of the apple

6.  Slice the other half of the apple into thin heart shape

7.  Shape the sliced apple into a swan head and place the seeds where the eyes should be

8.  Drop the neck in the body groove and spritz with lemon juice to prevent apple from turning brown

Apple Swan


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 YouTube Source Credit: Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”


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