Chocolate Dessert Bowls

Chocolate Dessert Bowls

Watch video to learn how to do this Chocolate Dessert Bowls.

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1.  Prepare balloons with nonstick spray

2.  Melt dark chocolate in microwave and transfer to a larger bowl

3.  Mix melted white chocolate with dark chocolate

4.  Create marble pattern with two color tone

5.  Create base swipe with chocolate for holding stability

6.  Dip balloon in mixed chocolate bowl and repeat with turning pattern 4 time

7.  Repeat step 6 to all balloons, place on tray and set in freezer

8.  Pop balloons with needle to deflate

9.  Remove balloons from chocolate bowl

10.  The empty dessert bowl

11.  Scoop ice cream into the dessert bowl

12.  Top with blueberries, strawberry slices,  slivered almonds, and fresh mint leaves

Chocolate Dessert Bowls


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