Gerbera Daisies In A Vase

Gerbera Daisies In A Vase

Watch video to learn how to do this Gerbera Daisies In A Vase arrangement.

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1.  Fill up vase with water

2.  Straight cut the ti leaf bottom

3.  Place ti leaf in the glass vase

4.  Trim ti leaf straight across vase top

5.  Cover all side of vase with ti leaves

6.  Wrap extra leaf in circular shape

7.  Place the wrap leaf inside the vase to secure other leaves to the side of the vase

8.  Straight cut the flax leaf

9.  Place flax leaf off center in the vase and trim across vase top

10.  Place the second flax leaf to create visual interest

11.  First place gerbera daisies around the edge of vase

12.  Fill any open space with gerbera daisies for a fuller, round look

Gerbera Daisies In A Vase


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