Hello Kitty 3D Origami

Hello Kitty 3D Origami

Watch and learn how to create Hello Kitty 3D Origami paper art.

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1.  Fold small rectangular paper in half.  Then into triangular shape

2.  Turn triangle over and fold the extra bottom up.  Fold in half again to creating 3D build block.

3.  Repeat steps 1-2 to fold many white and blue pieces and start connecting white pieces

4.  Build the base with white pieces

5.  Set the base with 3 rows of white pieces

6.  Mold circular origami upward

7.  Start inserting blue pieces

8.  Building the body with 5 rows of blue pieces

9.   Build the head with the first white piece place at angled direction, following the same way with other pieces

10.  Build up the head with rows of white pieces bigger at the middle

11.  Build and Sculpt the head to make it rounder

12.  Cut and glue: ears, eyes, nose, bow, and buttons to the kitty origami

Hello Kitty 3D Origami


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YouTube Source Credit: lin zhiyong


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