Indian Pakistani Bridal Makeup

Indian Pakistani Bridal Makeup

Watch video to learn how to do this Indian Pakistani Bridal Makeup.

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1.  Apply foundation to face.  Pad shadow shield to eye corner.  Define brow shape with pencil and powder

2.   Apply base color to whole eye and light shimmer to tear duct area

3.  Gradient outward with pink to the center of eyelid and purple to the outer corner of eye

4.  Apply transition pink to eye crease and blend colors together well with fluffy brush

5.  Apply dark pencil color to eye corner then dark powder shadow and blend to create depth

6.  Remove shadow shield pad and apply highlight to brow bone

7.  Apply same color gradient from light to pink to purple to the bottom lash line.  Outline with black pencil

8.  Apply black shadow to lower eye with angle brush and blend with brush

9.  Outline with black gel liner.  Curl lashes, apply mascara and false lashes for a glam look

10.  Apply concealer, contour face and blend well with brush.  Set face with powder, bronzer and blush cheeks

11.  Outline lips with pencil

12.  Apply lipstick.  Highlight face to create dewy shine look.

Indian Pakistani Bridal Makeup


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