Lemon  Mouse

Lemon Mouse

Watch video to learn how to do this Lemon Mouse food art.

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1.  Slice a lemon in quarter section

2.  Scrape 2 round pieces from outer layer

3.  Scrape a long thin piece from the outer layer

4.  Trim 2 round shapes and the tail from the previously cut layers.  Trim thin sections of green onions into 4

5.  Carve a small hole near the fruit stalk and push the tail in

6.  Carve the nipple side with 2 narrow ear holes and 2 round eyes

7.  Push black peppers in the eye holes.  Use toothpick to push in the onion whiskers

8.  Place the ears in the grooves

Lemon  Mouse


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 YouTube Source Credit: Gustamontón


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