Macaron Strawberry Sorbet Sandwich

Macaron Strawberry Sorbet Sandwich

Watch video to learn how to do this Macaron Strawberry Sorbet Sandwich dessert.

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1.  Boil sugar, water and honey to make syrup and let cool.  Add alcohol in chilled syrup, lemon juice and blend with strawberries

2.  Making sorbet with blended juice.  When complete, transfer sorbet into a frozen metal container, plastic wrap and place in freezer for at least 4 hours

3.  Scoop frozen sorbets and place on frozen plastic tray

4.  Flatten round sorbets and freeze until use

5.  Place almonds meal, sugar in food processor and process for 30 seconds.  Then pass almond mixture through a fine-mesh sieve, pressing down on clumps

6.  Beat egg whites, cream of tartar and a dash of sugar.  Add vanilla and food coloring at the end

7.  Mix whipped cream in step 6 with ingredients from step 5

8.  Fold and press with a scraper until batter gets glossy and forms a ribbon

9.  For white batter, do not add food color at the end of step 6

10.  Fill pastry bag with mixture and squeeze round batters on cooking tray.  Let dry for 40 minutes before baking

11.  Bake for 10-16 minutes.  Let cool.  Freeze before adding sorbet

12.  Add sorbet from step 4 in between macarons and freeze until serve

Macaron Strawberry Sorbet Sandwich


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