Pink Carnation Roses Bouquet

Pink Carnation Roses Bouquet

Watch video to learn how to do Pink Carnation Roses Bouquet.

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1.  Wire all flower stems for extra flexibility and stability

2.  Tape stems to cover wire using green floral tape

3.  Wire and tape decorative stems

4.  Wire and tape leaves and bend

5.  Start with carnation and rose

6.  Place additional flowers at diagonal angle while turning the bouquet around in circular motion

7.  Distribute flowers evenly, not grouping same type together

8.  Place leaves at the bottom to cover the back of bouquet

9.  Secure with tape to tie stems together

10.  Trim stem ends evenly

11.  Wrap bouquet handle with ribbon

12.  Tie extra ribbon into a bow to complete Pink Carnation Roses Bouquet style

Pink Carnation Roses Bouquet


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