Pink Rose Silk Bouquet

Pink Rose Silk Bouquet

Watch video to learn how to do this Pink Rose Silk Bouquet.

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1.  Wrap wood stick with green floral tape.  Create 10 wraps and temporary tie bunch at both ends

2.  Fray check ribbon with lighter.  Glue and wrap stick with ribbon and secure with pin

3.  Untie temporary knots

4.  Use half of ball foam, create holes in the middle, and apply hot glue to secure handle holder

5.  Prepare about 5 cm square cuts of white, peach, pink, and green satin ribbons

6.  Fold square ribbon in half and trim into petal shape.  Use candle light to fray check. Repeat this step for all ribbons

7.  Fold both petal sides and slight cut.  Repeat this step for all ribbons

8.  Fray check with candle light to create realistic petal shape

9.  Glue white petals and attach to middle of foam, creating inner bud part

10.  Layer peach color petals after white and pink after peach

11.  Shape and fray check green leaves

12.  Attach leaves to cover foam back

Pink Rose Silk Bouquet


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