Spring Landscape

Spring Landscape

Watch video to learn how to do this Spring Landscape flower arrangement.

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1.  Fill container with wet oasis foams

2.  Measure and establish arrangement height with gladiolus flower

3.  Trim stem end at a diagonal angle, not straight across

4.  Fan out gladiolus flowers to create linear shape to one side

5.  Fan out bell of Ireland flowers to the other side

6.  Strip all rose thorns with foliage stripper

7.  Place roses at uneven height on the gladiolus side

8.  Place open lilies at the base for focal interest

9.  Place grouping of roses below other tall rose stems

10.  Fill empty space with accent wax flowers to create fuller look

11.  Hiding visible oasis with sheet mosses at the back and between flower stems

12.  Complete Spring Landscape arrangement

Spring Landscape


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