Straw Star Paper Folding

Straw Star Paper Folding

Watch and learn how to create Straw Star Paper Folding.

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1.  Prepare two color paper stripes.  Fold each in half.  Join the ends together

2.  Hold the connected stripe vertically.  Fold the bottom up,to the right, creating perpendicular angle at the join section

3.  Fold right stripe under, to the left.  Then fold the top stripe under down

4.  Flip the corner triangle downward

5.  Fold the bottom stripe up, to the top.  Fold the left stripe over, to the right

6.   Flip the right stripe down, creating triangle fold at the join

7.  Fold the top stripe to the right.

8.  Repeat step 5-7 to create 6 triangle folds.  Tuck the first triangle fold into the sixth

9. Fold two stripes overlapping each other, around the shape

10.  Repeat step nine to build up the spiral star.  Tuck in one of the loose end to secure

11.  Trim the extra ends with scissor

12.  Variation of spiral straw star with different color papers

Straw Star Paper Folding


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