Two Tone Butterfly Origami

Two Tone Butterfly Origami

Watch and learn how to create Two Tone Butterfly Origami paper art.

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1.  Fold paper in half few times to create crease lines.  Fold two corners up into triangles

2.  Fold paper up hiding the triangles.  Turn the paper over and repeat step 1-2 to the other side with the first side slightly wider then the second

3.  Fold in half twice

4.  Create triangle shape on both sides

5.  Fold the triangle tip down half way, creating crease line.  Then pinch down the top half and flatten the bottoms into triangles

6.   Narrow the inner side wings with new fold creases on both sides

7.  Narrow the outer side wings with inward fold creases

8.  Small fold to the top of wing tips and the head.  Fold the butterfly in half with the body in the wings direction

9.   Open up the butterfly

10.  Narrow the body tail with inward fold on both sides of butterfly back

11.  Fold the white parts down and curve the wing ends

12.  Fold up outer side wings with reverse color for visual interest.  Round out the body with pencil

Two Tone Butterfly Origami


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