Vintage Glam Makeup

Vintage Glam Makeup

Watch video to learn how to do this Vintage Glam Makeup.

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1.  Apply foundation to face and blend evenly

2.  Contour face and blend with brush

3.  Highlight face and blend.  Set with powder.  Contour nose.  Define brow shape

4.  Apply shadow to outer crease inward

5.  Blend shadow with fluffy brush.  Apply darker shade to outer corner and blend again

6.  Apply vibrant gold to lid middle and lighter gold to inner area.  Apply lighter shadow to tear duct area

7.  Outline top lash line with black liquid liner

8.  Line outer lash line at the bottom with dark brown shadow and lighter shine silver to the inner.  Whiten inner eye line with white pencil

9.  Curl lashes and apply false lashes for a dramatic look

10.  Contour cheek with bronze and blush colors

11.  Apply highlighter to cheekbones, nose, and cupid’s bow lip

12.  Apply classic red lipstick

Vintage Glam Makeup


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